Yorkshire Terrier. Maintenance and care.

Yorkshire Terrier. Maintenance and care.

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Yorkshire terrier is easy to keep in the city due to its small size. A Yorkie can be accustomed to a “cat” tray or a special diaper as a toilet, which removes the problem of compulsory walks, but walks are a great pleasure for the Yorkie, like any physical activity. In winter, they wear him so that the snow does not get into the wool, and the dog does not freeze. The Yorkie is easy to take with you on any trip in a carry bag.

But it must be borne in mind that a dog of this size is quite fragile and it can be injured, for example, by stepping. You need to be especially careful with puppies, a Yorkie puppy is not suitable for families with small children, as the child may drop it or squeeze too hard.

Hair care

To care for Yorkie coat you need to purchase:

  • massage brush with natural bristles;
  • a metal brush with rounded teeth;
  • wooden comb with sparse long teeth;
  • special oils, sprays;
  • papillotes, rubber bands, bows, hairpins to create a top note;
  • balms, conditioners, shampoos for bathing dogs.

The greatest difficulty is grooming the coat if it remains long. Usually long hair is grown in dogs that participate in exhibitions. Yorkshire terriers are bathed with special shampoos every two to three weeks or as the coat gets dirty. For show yorkies, it is worth purchasing professional, comprehensive grooming lines. When bathing, you need to make sure that no water gets into your ears. If the Yorkshire Terrier does not participate in shows, it can be trimmed short with scissors or a clipper. There are many stylish model haircuts for Yorkies. With experience, the dog can be trimmed on its own, but it is better to contact a professional groomer. The haircut should be repeated every 2-3 months, and the hair on the muzzle should also be combed so that it does not get into the eyes.

Eye, ear, york teeth care.

Yorkshire terrier

Yorkie’s eyes should be wiped every day with a cotton swab moistened with water to remove eye secretions, which, when mixed with dust, can cause conjunctivitis. It is equally important to keep the ears clean. You also need to clean your ears, and hair inside the ear canal is often removed to facilitate cleaning. Yorkies’ ears are cleaned once a week, after bathing. To do this, use special prophylactic lotions, clean gauze discs. Do not use alcohol solutions and medicinal drops. The hair on the upper third of the ear is usually trimmed short with scissors or a razor.

The teeth must be brushed to remove plaque and calculus. Several times a week Yorkies brush their teeth with a special toothbrush and toothpaste. For the prevention of dental calculus, dogs are given “chewing” bones, cartilage, raw vegetables, in case of the formation of noticeable dental deposits, it is recommended to take the dog to the veterinarian.

If the dog’s claws do not grind down on their own during walks (if the dog walks a little or does not walk at all), they need to be trimmed. Every three to four weeks or as they grow back, Yorkies are trimmed claws with tweezers or a nail clipper. The procedure is carried out carefully so as not to damage the blood vessels.

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