Welsh Corgi Pembroke and Cardigan

Welsh Corgi is a small type of sheep breed that was created in Wales. Two independent breeds are recognized: Welsh Corgi Pembroke and Welsh Corgi Cardigan. Historically, pembroke was distributed by Flemish weavers around the 10th century, while the cardigan was brought by Norwegian settlers. Their common ancestor is the Swedish Shepherd. The similarity between these two types is explained by a certain degree of their crossing.

What is the difference between a pembroke and a cardiganWelsh-Corgi-Pembroke

There are two breeds of Welsh corgis: the cardigan and the pembroke, each named after the county of Wales where it originated. Dogs also have common traits such as fur, which is waterproof and sheds on average twice a year. The body of the cardigan is slightly longer than that of the Pembroke; both breeds have short legs, and their bodies, respectively, are placed close to the ground. However, they are not as square in contour as a typical terrier, or have the same elongated body as a taxi. There are only slight differences in the shape of the head; both breeds have a shape similar to a fox’s head. The head and nose of a cardigan are usually larger than a pembroke. A few days after birth, the true color of the corgi may appear, which is especially noticeable in those who have a tricolor or black-brown mark.

Welsh-Corgi-CardiganThe present

Corgis in the modern era often compete, despite their short legs, in tests of dexterity, tracking and pursuit. Cardigans and pembrokes can be trained to compete in shepherd’s trials. Corgis were also once used to protect children.

Welsh Corgi Cardigan

Welsh Corgi Cardigan is a short-legged dog, full of vigor, strong physique and quite compact. He is heavier and taller than his brother, the Welsh Corgi Pembroke. It also has larger and more rounded ears.Welsh-Corgi-Cardigan-puppy

This is a balanced, active and hardy dog ​​that demonstrates important work skills. In the family, he is a pleasant companion who knows how to demonstrate their intelligence and flexibility. The Welsh Corgi cardigan is neither scary nor aggressive. He is very attached to his family.

Requires a solid education, but without cruelty. He likes to learn and please his master, which facilitates his education. Be careful not to be persuaded by his gentle gaze.
Welsh corgi adapts to most lifestyles. It accommodates both urban and rural environments. If he is called to live in an apartment, he should be able to enjoy frequent trips. Thanks to the double coat, the Welsh Corgi Cardigan has a fairly good resistance to weather and cold. It also has a significant life expectancy.

Welsh Corgi Pembroke

Welsh-Corgi-Pembroke-puppyWelsh Corgi Pembroke – a dog full of liveliness and audacity, which shows great suitability for work. Sociable and friendly, he is a pleasant companion who is never afraid or aggressive. He is capable of the best nonsense, because he is not really afraid of anything.

The Welsh Corgi Pembroke needs a solid education to impose restrictions that cannot be crossed, especially with regard to its hierarchical position vis-à-vis the owner.

The Welsh Corgi Pembroke is a generally healthy dog. The double coating provides a fairly good protection against cold and weather. However, the breed is prone to some diseases, including the following: generalized retinal atrophy (retinal degeneration), intervertebral disc herniation, epilepsy, hip dysplasia, von Willebrand’s disease (coagulation disorders).

This is a dog whose content is not particularly tiring. It is cleaned regularly, especially during molting, thus preserving the beauty of the hair. Adding fish oil or brewer’s yeast to her diet can promote good health and the appearance of her coat.

It is recommended to clean the dog 2-3 times a week and wash it occasionally. During molting, brushing becomes daily.

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