Top 5 smartest dog breeds

Top 5 smartest dog breeds

The list of the smartest dogs includes the Border Collie, German Shepherd, Poodle, Australian Shepherd and Golden Retriever. We have compiled information for you about the benefits and challenges of each of the above breeds to help you decide if they are right for you.


Their high intelligence was highly valued by the inhabitants of the Shetland Isles, and the small Shetland Islands had truly great responsibilities: northern shepherds helped to graze sheep, guarded farms, fought with38e9ed208a32052f6c34a1cf1c5f8ea5 small predators who wanted to attack the owner’s bird, accompanied by the owners on long pedestrian crossings. Despite the fact that the Shelties gradually lost their shepherd duties, they remained faithful helpers and constantly showing their high intellectual abilities.

The Sheltie is perhaps the most sensitive dog on this list. They can even understand the tone of a person’s voice. And if the owner communicates with them rudely, they simply do not respond to his commands. They are very good dogs that need an equally good owner. They get along well with people and are easy to train.

Dogs of this breed tend to be wary of all strangers. Therefore, in order to avoid unpleasant moments, they should always be under the supervision of the owner.

Sheltie can live with you in the house, but on condition that you provide her with a daily opportunity to blow off steam outside the four walls.

Golden retriever

2b662bdae13fb084085a6ed60f6a10fdLarge, shaggy, kind-hearted people are indulgent towards humans, realizing all the imperfection of two-legged ones, they gladly take care of human cubs, while happily sharing all the activities of “their people”. Golden retrievers appeared in Scotland, and then in England as a hunting dog, whose task was to find and serves the beaten bird to the owner. Hunting skills are still well developed among golden retrievers today: the ability to make independent decisions, navigate the terrain and in various situations, clearly perform the assigned task – all this indicates the high intelligence of dogs.

It is equally important that these dogs have a “soft mouth”, that is, they can carry even raw eggs without damaging them. This is a trait you should consider if you have children in your family.

Dogs of this breed are excellent swimmers due to their webbed feet. Easy to train compared to many other breeds. They can live in almost any conditions. They get along well in apartments and houses. But their wool requires daily care.

German Shepherd

Duitse-Herder-e1616057727272It is not for nothing that the German Shepherd is the most popular dog breed in the world – the German Shepherd ranks third in the ranking of the smartest dog breeds. A strong and hardy animal, whose ancestor was, according to cynologists, a small Indian wolf, has not only unsurpassed guarding qualities, but also the highest intelligence, which allows German shepherds to carry out a wide variety of official tasks. German Shepherds can be found in almost all services where quick wits, dedication, perseverance in command execution, the ability to quickly navigate in new circumstances, endurance and even the ability to self-sacrifice are required.

The German Shepherd gets along well with children and owners. But guests and strangers need to be careful when dealing with this dog, because by nature it is the protector of its owner. This dog can live in your house and even in your apartment. True, long hair can be troublesome.

Poodle is a noble dog

vyazka-pudelya__2676-620x0-1-e1616057818318.Large and small curly-haired dogs are rightfully considered one of the smartest dog breeds in the world, ranking second in the ranking of intellectual abilities. This ancient breed has lived next to humans for thousands of years, being not only pets, but also hunting assistants. In the Mediterranean country, poodles were used as hunting dogs for water game and in hunting they demonstrated their excellent intellectual abilities. Over time, poodles have lost their hunting purpose, but have fully retained their high intelligence. The artists drew attention to these smart dogs, because it turned out to be very simple to teach poodles a variety of tricks. And for many centuries poodles have successfully performed on circus arenas all over the world, each time confirming that they are incredibly intelligent, understanding and well trained.

The poodle is a noble dog. The coat of the poodle is very specific, some even call it not wool, but hair. And this feature makes the breed the best choice for allergy sufferers and those who do not like scraps of fur on the floor and things.

Border Collie


Border Collies are considered representatives of the smartest breed of dogs, because nature has awarded them with a high ability to concentrate. You can teach them anything in record time.

Border Collies are very active dogs that find it difficult to get along in an apartment. They need space and constant activity. If you have a large house, then this dog can become a member of your family. But border collie hyperactivity will be a problem if there are children in the house. Caring for your coat is pretty simple. Regular brushing is sufficient.

images_articles_research_chaser_chaser05-The fact that the Border Collie is the smartest breed of dog is confirmed by the legendary Border Collie named Rico. He became the first dog to memorize more than two hundred simple human words. He not only distinguished these words by ear, but also understood their meaning. Scientists from the Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig studied its phenomenon. It turned out that in addition to intelligence and the ability to make independent decisions, Rico had an excellent memory. He remembered all the words and commands four weeks after the scientists temporarily stopped daily tests.

The research of scientists was extremely interesting. For example, they put Rico and his owners in one room, and the dog’s favorite toys in another. The man called the name of the toy with a request to bring it. The dog coped with its task in 38 cases out of 40. Then a new object unknown to Rico was placed in the room with the toys. When the owner asked to bring it, the dog unimaginably guessed that an unfamiliar word meant a new thing and happily brought it. According to the statement of scientists, Rico had about the same abilities as small children who rapidly learn the language in the first years of life.

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