Top 10 kindest dog breeds

Top 10 kindest dog breeds

Labrador RetrieverLabrador Retriever : caractère, prix, alimentation, santé | Fiche race chien

These dogs are very lively, funny and resourceful. Sometimes Labradors are even too frivolous.
Labradors get along well with children, but these dogs need to be seriously educated from childhood. Otherwise, these large and strong dogs can become uncontrollable.

golden-retriever Golden retriever

Retrievers are gentle and affectionate dogs, they are restless optimists. These dogs will make good companions for a child or an elderly person.
Golden Retrievers are often referred to as therapy dogs for their kind nature.


It is perfect for those with allergies, as it almost does not shed. The lapdog will always be on good terms with all household members and other animals, including cats.
These dogs cannot be without human attention for a long time, so it is very important to always be near your pet.

English toy spanielenglish-toy-spanie

This very small royal dog breed is considered to be playful, affectionate and gentle. English Toy Spaniels are very intelligent, funny and good companions. They get along great with children and are ideal for residents of apartments and those who do not have a lot of space in the house.

How to Train a Belgian Tervuren -Belgian shepherd

The Belgian Shepherd is an attentive companion dog, ready to do any job. It is an easily trainable and intelligent breed that gets along well with children. Be sure to make sure you have enough time for this dog before you get it. She requires a lot of love and care.


The Beagles are known for their friendly and calm nature. They also love to spend time with other dogs, so if they already have a pet in the house, the beagle is a great choice. They are very sociable, curious and playful animals that strongly bond with their families.


While pugs are a little more serious than the rest of the breeds on the list, they love to please their owner just as much. They are open and affectionate pets that get along well with children and other animals.

Yorkshire TerrierYorkshire Terriër

Yorkies are friendly, kind and lovable dogs with an energetic disposition. Sometimes they require increased attention to themselves, but Yorkies are great for those who want to have a pet that would be around all the time.


Collies can get along with anyone, be it another animal or a person. They are great for families with small children, and their friendly and outgoing nature makes them the main favorites in the house.

Newfoundland Newfoundland

Truly a dog with a gigantic heart, in which he is ready to “settle” all people, children, animals in the world. Newfa can be safely left with a child of any age, because a well-mannered dog will never show a single drop of aggression towards even the most restless child. Even if the little one examines the dog, picking, tugging, the Newfoundland will still be kind and gentle with him.

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