The Leash Is Your Dog`s Control

The Leash Is Your Dog`s Control

Leashes for several dogs

The quality of the walk directly depends on the convenience of the accessories that you use. Therefore the leash is your dog’s control.

Variety of leashes:

  • Roulette
  • Chain
  • Canvas leash
  • Leash cushioning jerks
  • Leashes for several dogs
  • Rope leash
  • Leather leash
  • Leash-rebelay


Many owners prefer roulette, thinking that it makes it easier for them to walk the dog. But the first thing roulette teaches a dog is to pull it, because that’s how it works – pull and go. And we need the opposite – pulled = stop. However, a roulette is not suitable for all dogs. Roulette is dangerous if suddenly you drop it – it will “jump” after your dog and scare him with its knock and fast approach, which can lead to tragic cases when the dog tries to escape from the roulette that is catching up and runs headlong. Therefore a person or a dog can become entangled in the cable from your roulette and be damaged.

You will not be able to train the dog with roulette, because you do not have the necessary control that is only possible on a regular leash. If you need to pull on the leash, then on the roulette you pull with your whole hand. On a regular leash, you work with just your fingers and a brush and is convenient when walking in urban conditions. The situation allows – the dog can be released away. A car appeared, a mother with a stroller, another dog – at the touch of a button, you can pull the dog closer to you.

Variety of roulettes

  • Cable version of the roulette
  • Tape version of the roulette

Cable tape is only suitable for small breed dogs. But still, this is not a very reliable mechanism for keeping strong, active and impulsive animals. At the most crucial moment, the tape can jam, or it will break altogether. Grasping the rope with your hands to pull the dog is not recommended – you can seriously injure your hands.

the leash

The tape is preferable – you can easily pull the dog to you, even if the mechanism suddenly becomes unusable, and also withstands a heavy load. However, during active walks, the tape is often twisted, and the owner has to constantly twist the mechanism, leveling it. Plus, the dog gets used to the constant tension of the leash, which is very undesirable, because it forms the habit of constantly pulling, which is quite difficult to get rid of. Suitable for small to medium calm dogs. Not suitable for training, behavior correction, for large and active dogs. It is recommended to take a roulette wheel “with a margin” when buying. If your dog weighs, for example, 20 kg, feel free to buy a roulette marked “up to 30 kg” to take into account the force of the jerk.


It consists of a metal chain and a handle. The chain leash is characterized by an attractive appearance and high durability. The dog will not gnaw it. But such a leash is heavy, the dog feels its weight on its neck all the time, in long-haired dogs the hair often gets between the links, the chain cannot be intercepted by hand in order to urgently pull the dog up to you. Even on a harness, this weight will be felt. It is impossible to teach a dog to walk on a sagging chain. Such a leash can be used as a spare for small walks, exhibitions or photo sessions.

Canvas leash

the leash is your dog's control

This is a tarpaulin leash that is too thin and can hurt your hands when pulling on the leash. But these ones do not swell when washed, and it is also easy to wipe off an accidental stain on it.

Leash cushioning jerks

Can be used for a chain dog, but not for walking. It does not give you the opportunity to work normally with and use it for the signals the dog needs. It is better to teach the dog not to pull the leash in another way.

Leashes for several dogs

It is suitable for walking two or three dogs at the same time. Usually used at exhibitions or short walks. It is not suitable for a full-fledged walk – dogs are constrained in their movements. In this case, the dogs do not maintain personal distance, which can affect their behavior. Not suitable for walking and training.

Rope leash

For an amateur, it can be unpleasant for someone in the hands, and for someone even very suitable. Too thin may not really be comfortable. And too fat is heavy. It is important to find a middle ground.

Leather leash

Not highly recommended as they quickly deteriorate, coarse, burst. But if it is made of very high quality wear-resistant leather, soft, lightweight and flexible – why not.


Adjustable to different lengths. It clings to a belt or slung over your shoulder, thus freeing your hands if you are training a dog or playing sports. The dog can be easily and quickly fastened to a bench or a pole if required.

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