Scratching post for cats

scratching postsA scratching post is a kind of surface that is specially designed for a cat to grind its claws on it. Typically, it is a vertical or horizontal structure that can be attached to the wall or simply placed on the floor. The surface of the scratching post usually has a rough cloth base – just what a cat needs

A cat scratching post is a must for any cat. It is impossible to wean a cat from scratching, well, or almost impossible, since this is her natural instinct. In nature, cats constantly grind their claws in order to keep them on alert and to prevent the claw from growing inside. Naturally, when you close your pet in four walls, your furniture, shoes and carpets can be damaged.

Why does a cat need a scratching post?

Many owners believe that a scratching post is needed only for one purpose – sharpening claws (hence the name of this item). However, cats use scratching posts not only for this purpose and also for:

  • For sharpening claws.
  • A scratching post is a way to stretch after sleep.
  • The ability to relieve stress if the cat is stressed.
  • The ability to leave a mark (both a visual one – a trace of scratches, and a scent mark, because the scent glands are located near the paw pads of the cat). This is very important because a cat is territorial and needs to mark its territory.

How to make the right choice?

The solution to this question lies in the characteristics of the animal. Carpet or linoleum, that your cat most often scratches the floor, then it is best for him to get a floor model. If vertical surfaces fall under the clawed pet, buy him a hanging model. Sometimes a pet may refuse to purchase and not pay attention to it, then perhaps you just wrongly picked up a scratching post.

Experienced owners also use catnip to draw attention to the toy, to the smell of which cats are addicted. And from those places where the intervention of claws is not desirable, you can ward off with the scent of citrus fruits, cats cannot stand it.

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