Pug. Description of the breed.

The pug is a small decorative dog. A dog with a lively, cheerful and at the same time balanced character, noble and loyal to the owner. The disadvantages of pugs, which are extremely rare, are aggressiveness, timidity, nervousness. Pugs live 13-15 years.

The Appearance of a Pug


The pug is a stocky dog ​​with a square outline (the length of the body is equal to the height at the withers). The standard does not give the height at the withers, but in practice the optimal height for bits should be in the range of 25-30.5 cm, for evils -30.5-33 cm.

  • the head

The head is large, massive, rounded, but not “apple-shaped”, has no protrusions and dents, the bones of the skull are invisible. Wrinkles are clearly visible.

  • the nose

The nose bridge in a pug should be slightly slow, since a complete absence leads to breathing problems and, as a result, to heart failure, arrhythmias and other diseases. The bridge of the nose should preferably be absolutely straight, it should not be concave, otherwise the so-called “brick-like” appears, more characteristic of Japanese Chins, Griffins or French bulldogs.

The nose should only be black; illuminated – the big drawback. The nostrils are large and well open. The eyes are large, round, protruding, dark.

  • the coat

The coat is short, thin, smooth, tight-fitting, soft and delicate to the touch. The color is yellowish-fawn, silver or black. Light colors are accompanied by a black mask (darkening on the muzzle and ears, on the forehead in the form of a diamond, dark warts) and possibly a dark stripe (belt) on the ridge from the occiput to the base of the tail.

Pug maintenance and care


In pugs, there is a specific eye disease, which is called “chronic corneal erosion.” First, an almost imperceptible defect and clouding appears on the cornea of ​​the eye, and then with lacrimation and blepharospasm (eyelid spasm). After a few months, blood vessels begin to grow around this defect. For the treatment of chronic corneal erosion, iodine preparations, antibiotics and vitamin A are used. In addition to pugs, boxers, French Bulldogs and Pekinesis are susceptible to this disease . In addition, the pug, like all snub-nosed dogs, snores loudly in its sleep. Also, the feeding of pugs must be monitored, otherwise he will undergo severe obesity and this will affect his life expectancy.The breathing apparatus of the pug is imperfect, so you need to make sure that the dog does not overwork from running,

Education and training

character pugDespite their friendliness and sociability, pugs are rather stubborn, only their training seems to be difficult, without a guaranteed result. If you nevertheless decide to teach your pet simple commands, please be patient and … goodies. The carrot-and-stick method is simply not applicable here. Completely non-aggressive dogs of not tolerate hostility towards themselves, they can only be trained with the help of rewards.

Pug character

This is an excellent companion dog for city dwellers: they do not need long walks, they are friendly towards family members, strangers and other animals – aggressive behavior is completely atypical for them.

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