Poodle. Breed history

poodle-historyThe poodle is one of the oldest dog breeds. There is no consensus about its origin, for many centuries there have been disputes about the homeland of the poodle, its ancestors, and the breeding process. Most scientists believe that the poodle has its origins in several countries and is the product of crossing several breeds of dogs with shaggy long curly hair of equal length throughout the body, and differing from each other in size. These breeds of dogs were both shepherd’s, and hunting (barbet), and water (Portuguese water dog). Among the ancestors of the poodle are called barbet, maltese, water spaniels, retrievers, cops and greyhounds.

First poodles

The first images of lion-like or poodle-like dogs are found already in the 30s BC. on the bas-reliefs of Roman tombs and on Greek and Roman coins. Poodle images of the XII and XII centuries. can be seen also in the drawings of the columns of the Monastery of Mont Reale in Sicily and the murals of the cathedral of the Abbey of Saint-Remy in France. In the 15th century, images of dogs with a lion’s haircut are found in the works of artists of the Dutch and Flemish schools. In the XVI century. the first mentions of the poodle appear in Central Europe, by this time poodle-like dogs were already common in all countries of continental Europe and in England. In France, where the breed is considered national, there were several varieties of the poodle: the barbet, the French canish, which was used to hunt ducks, and the “truffle dog” looking for mushrooms valuable in cooking.

Breeding poodle dog breed

A huge amount of evidence suggests that during the formation of the breed, poodles were taken out to bring game from the water. The long, curly coat retained heat well, protected the dog’s chest from the effects of cold and injury, but impeded the movement of the hind limbs. To make the job easier, the dogs were sheared.


The art of hairdressing developed in Europe in the 18th and 19th centuries, at this time the first salons for dogs and the first groomers began to appear. France began to dictate the fashion for hairstyles, which today is recognized as the country of origin of the breed and the holder of the standard.
The poodle got its current name during the Baroque period, the word pudel comes from the German pudeln (“splash”). The breed standard uses the French name caniche.
And at the end of the 19th century, lovers of purebred breeding began to organize the first dog clubs and draw up breed standards.

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