Nail clipper for dogs helps keep the good health of the claws.

Nail clipper for dogs helps keep the good health of the claws.

Regular and thorough grooming of the claws with nail clipper for dogs plays a significant role in pet grooming. The gait and general mobility of the pet directly depends on the condition and health of the claws. Due to excessively long claws, the paw pads are spread apart, which can lead to muscle atrophy, and can also jeopardize its safety, since the overgrown claws constantly catch on everything and get stuck everywhere, as a result of which they can break or twist and be pulled out by the root.

The fact is that claw, depending on the breed and the size of the dog, must grow slowly or grind down when walking, for example, when walking on asphalt. However, in winter this becomes difficult.

Sometimes owners, due to ignorance and inexperience, try to trim the dog’s claws with simple scissors. It’s not worth doing, the scissors are simply not meant to be. Such circumcision can result in the splitting of the claw.

Train your dog before with nail clipper.

nail clipper In order for your pet to get used to a regular trimming, first you need to let the dog get acquainted with the nail clipper for dogs. Take the dog’s paw, hold it in your hand, stroke it, move it along the claws with a claw cutter. Gradually increase the holding time of the dog’s paw in the hand. It is important to teach the dog to calmly allow the paw to be fixed for more than one minute. Having achieved this, you can proceed to the next stage. This stage of training should begin with cutting off just one claw, the next time – trim another one. It is better to trim one or two claws at a time with a nail clipper for dogs, taking breaks. At the end, you can trim the cut edges with a nail file.

Together with the claw, the sensory nerve, which is inside it, also grows, so the longer the claw grows, the more likely circumcision is to touch the nerve and blood vessel during a haircut. Therefore, it is useful to trim your pet’s nails as often as possible, with each trim, the sensitive part recedes deeper into the claw. The more often you trim the nails, the more you reduce the risk of accidental damage to the nerve and blood vessel.

Planning your pet’s cleaning session.

It is best to start regular grooming by washing the coat with a hypoallergenic dog shampoo, which effectively removes dirt. After shampoo, use conditioners for dogs and cats. When planning your pet’s cleaning session, do not forget to examine the nails: if they are too long, trim them immediately after washing, thus providing the pet with complete comfort. When trimming the claws, watch their shape, when they take on an oval appearance, this means that you have come close to the living part and it’s time to stop.

Pet’s nails can be not only trimmed with nippers, but also filed either manually or using a special clipper, if you prefer. Currently, there is a huge variety of different nippers, nail clippers for dogs and files for cutting pet nails on sale.

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