How to care for a husky ​​in an apartment and a private house

The Siberian Husky is one of the oldest breeds, originally bred by the people of the Far East as a sled dog. These dogs attract potential owners with a predominantly good-looking “wolf” appearance, strong build and docile temperament. Some are wondering how to care for a husky in an apartment, if initially this breed was not intended to be kept in a confined space. Residents of private houses, on the other hand, doubt whether the dog has lost its natural endurance. But in fact, caring for a husky is quite simple.

Keeping husky dogs comes down to following a number of simple recommendations. To begin with, remember that huskies do not like to be alone for a long time and socialize better, being in constant contact with the society of people!  This breed has a docile nature and is easy to train, but it tends to show independence and even waywardness at times, so please be patient. The breeder or veterinarian will help you decide on the choice of diet, and household issues can be resolved on your own.

A husky puppy appeared in the house

It is advisable to familiarize yourself with basic tips on how to care for a husky puppy before the dog crosses the threshold for the first time. First you need to equip a sleeping place for her. Although huskies are friendly by nature, they need their own territory where they can retire. This can be a secluded spot in the garden where you put the booth and put toys, or a special bed in the corner of the room where the dog can rest peacefully without attracting too much attention to itself.


Caring for a husky dog ​​also involves a proper feeding regimen. There are two ways to provide it:

  • selection of high-quality dry or wet food;
  • drawing up a diet from natural products.

Among industrial feeds, it is recommended to choose a diet for active breeds, giving preference to proven brands. A natural diet should be properly balanced and include all the nutrients your dog needs. Do not feed your husky table scraps to avoid digestive problems. From puppy to adult food, the dog is transferred upon the year.

Siberian Husky Bathing

Caring for a husky in an apartment is designed to maintain not only the hygiene of the dog, but also the cleanliness of the house. This breed boasts a luxurious coat that is water-repellent. After bathing or walking in the rain, it is enough to wipe the dog with a towel, and in the summer it is not necessary even this – it will instantly dry itself.

But the husky coat is not dirt-repellent. Dogs that are active by nature do not hesitate to run through puddles and get into the change, and caring for huskies in a private house is further complicated by their craving for freshly dug beds. Figuring out how to bathe your husky will not be difficult. You will need:


  • warm shower;
  • special shampoo;
  • an incentive treat when it comes to teaching a puppy to water procedures.

In the absence of contamination, it is enough to wash the dog a couple of times a year. The exception is the husky with white fur.

Keeping a husky dog in a private house

A lot of questions from novice owners are caused by caring for a husky in a private house. But this breed is distinguished by good health and good endurance, so it feels great outdoors. They are best suited to temperate or cool climates, so make sure the dog is not in the sun all day during hot seasons. Allow her to enter the house or set up a shaded area to rest. Make sure there is always fresh water in the bowl.

Gardeners have a natural question: how to care for a husky puppy so that he does not break anything and ruin the beds? When raising a baby, remember that it causes destruction to your site not so much from disobedience as


Gardeners have a natural question: how to care for a husky puppy so that he does not break anything and ruin the beds? When raising a baby, remember that it causes destruction to your site not so much from disobedience as from an excess of energy. The puppy needs constant movement, so be prepared to devote enough time to active play. Get in the habit of jogging in the morning, or ask a professional trainer for a personalized exercise plan for your pet.

Keeping a dog in an apartment

Proper care of a husky in an apartment means:

  • compliance with cleanliness;
  • sufficient physical activity;
  • appropriate temperature conditions.

A dog’s coat needs constant grooming only during shedding. Regular grooming will help you avoid tangles and messy appearance of both your pet and your home. The dog should be bathed two to three times a year or if necessary, since the husky’s coat practically is odorless.

Huskies were bred as a sled breed and therefore have a constant need for physical activity. Jogging in the morning or evening with your pet, visiting specialized dog areas, and doing specific exercises will solve this problem. The total time of daily walks should be at least half an hour, if possible – an hour. If you live in southern latitudes, try youwalk the dog during the cool part of the day.

Not everyone knows how to care for a husky in an apartment during the heating season or hot summer. This breed is not adapted for high temperatures, so make sure that the air is not humid and provide your dog with constant access to fresh water. Turn on the air conditioner often and do not expose your pet to excessive physical activity during the summer months.

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