How should you care for a Chihuahua?

how-to-take-care-for-a-chihuahuaProper care of a Chihuahua is not at all difficult, the main thing is to take time and contact with the dog. Chihuahua dental care consists of daily cleaning with special products. If a sneeze smells from the mouth, you need to pay attention to the gums, rinse with decoctions of herbs and consult a specialist in time.

Chihuahua hair, nails and face care

Brushing a dog, especially a smooth-haired type, only needs to be done a few times a year, not every day. That is, during molting – this happens in spring and autumn. You need to bathe the dog as it gets dirty, but not often. Remember to clean your ears, teeth, rinse your eyes, and trim your nails. If not trimmed, the foot may deform, gait will change, and it will hurt your pet to walk.

Caring for a Chihuahua dog from an early age means taking care and preventing injuries, bruises, because the breed is considered miniature. The largest weight that males can reach is 3.2 kg, but you need to be careful when raising a 1.5 kg pet. Fence the dog’s home so that it does not jump to a height, remove it from the hills every time you leave the house.



The dog is fed 5-6 times a day, when the dog is still 2 months old, but later the portion should be increased and the number of feedings should be reduced. If you have not yet decided what to feed, know the most important thing – do not give Chihuahuas 3 prohibited foods – chocolate, pork and milk. These products are very dangerous and it is not worth discussing it, all the more trying to give for the sake of experiment.

Some dogs of this breed only like canned food and natural. It is not recommended to mix such feeding, it is better to either feed or natural. If mixed food cannot be avoided, you need to feed alternately – one day like this, the other in a different way. But before such experiments, it is important to consult a doctor and check the pet’s internal organs.

chihuahua-hair-careChihuahua health and disease

Chihuahua dogs are considered centenarians. With proper care and nutrition, an animal can live up to 20 years. However, like other small breeds, the dog is prone to tartar, food allergies, and joint problems.

Also, representatives of the breed are born with an unhealed fontanel. At the same time, the health of full-sized dogs is considered to be more robust. They are used in breeding work. While mini Chihuahuas rarely give birth, most of their pregnancies are resolved by caesarean section.

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