Pug. History of the breed

The pug or mutsik is an ancient breed of decorative dogs, bred in China.

Most researchers believe that the pug breed originated during the time of ancient China. Early Chinese manuscripts mention “square, short dogs with a short snout”: pug.-History-of-the-breed-e1627240258172long-haired ha pa (progenitors of the Pekingese) and short-haired lo jie (progenitors of pugs). Some researchers consider the ancestors of pugs to be the Old English Bulldogs and, therefore, their homeland – England; some – attribute the origin of pugs to the Netherlands, Turkey and even Africa.

Pug-historyPugs were the dogs of the nobility and were kept in wealthy homes. In those days, in pugs, there were not yet such deep wrinkles, but a clear pattern of folds on the forehead appeared, the Chinese associated it with hieroglyphs, so they saw a mystical meaning and called it the sign of the king.

Pugs first came to France with the Turkish fleet in 1553. Later, this breed became a favorite in the Netherlands, where its color was similar to the color of the ruling house of Orange. When William III of Orange became the English king, he and his wife Maria II brought pugs from the Netherlands in 1689, while Holland was at war with Spain, during the enemy offensive, the dog of this saved the ruler of Holland, Wilhelm Quiet , starting to bark and scratch. After this incident, the Luo Dze became the official dogs of the House of Orange.

dog-breed-historyThis breed has been very popular for about two centuries. But gradually pugs became smaller – in 1864, for the English Queen Victoria, who wished to have this breed, they hardly found one dog! After 20 years, the first pug lovers club was created and thanks to him the breed began to recover, improve and acquire the standards that are appreciated in these dogs.

In the 16th century, pugs were already fully formed as a breed. They became popular, especially among women, and were called boudoir dogs. They warmed their mistresses in their cold dwellings and set off their beauty with their slightly monkey-like muzzle.

Pugs were often depicted in paintings, and having them in your home was a sign of good taste. Pugs often appeared in the paintings of the then-famous artist Hogarth, who constantly painted his four-legged pet Trump. Someone thinks that the origin of pugs is associated with the Netherlands, someone with China. But since the Pekingese, the closest relative of the pug, was born in the East, it is most likely the homeland of pugs in the same place.
According to another version, the pug is the result of crossing small breeds of bulldogs. Opinions about how the pug were bred were divided. Nevertheless, for many years it has remained one of the most popular in the world, so their story is just beginning.

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