Grooming dogs at home

Grooming dogs at home.

Grooming dogs at home is a complex of procedures that help to improve the appearance of an animal, the condition of its coat and skin, and sometimes health. Many are deeply mistaken in thinking that this includes only hair cuts and combing.


Grooming services:

Hygienic bathing

Hygienic bathing or washing at home. The longer the dog’s coat, the more often it needs water treatments. (This can be done much less frequently with dry shampoo.

Lack of hygiene can cause blockages in the sebaceous glands and associated health problems. Regular bathing of the dog also makes its coat soft to the touch and does not leave marks on furniture.

When washing and after drying, the dead undercoat is removed, and new hair grows in its place, the dog almost imperceptibly undergoes molting. Importantly, i n wire-haired coats, regular trimming is required in addition to washing.

Note! When bathing your dog at home, it is not recommended to use human shampoos, even baby ones. The structure of the hair and coat is not the same, and the wrong care product risks damaging it. The dog will start to itch or become allergic.

Bathing disinfection

Bathing disinfection. This procedure is required for a dog that has suffered a flea infestation. This may also include treatment with anti-parasite agents if the animal is still being treated.

Cleaning and rinsing the ears

Cleaning and rinsing the ears. For pets with long ears, cleaning is organized about once a week, with short ears – twice. It is better to use special dog wipes to remove sulfur.

Note! Cotton swabs are quite legal: a dog’s ear is arranged differently than a human’s, and there is no risk of damaging the eardrum. They can be moistened with oil or hydrogen peroxide, but the substance should not drain from the stick.

Washing the eyes

Washing the eyes. Normally, a healthy dog ​​does not have eye discharge. The exception is breeds with shortened muzzles: their eyes protrude strongly forward, therefore, they are more prone to pollution. For this, chlorhexidine or vetericin is suitable. Wipe dog eye from the outer corner to the inner corner. If you do the opposite, then the pollution will fall into the pouch under the eyelid, and the hygienic measure will turn into an inflammatory reaction. Some dogs also need to trim their hair around their eyes to avoid irritation.


Manicure. The grown claws not only look ugly, they interfere with the dog’s walking, and sometimes even cause severe pain. In the process of manicure, it is necessary to remove excess hair between the fingers, in which fungus often starts.

Note! When processing dog’s claws, it is allowed to use a nail file. It can be either manual or automatic. If this procedure is carried out several times a month, it can replace cutting.


Trimming (getting rid of short-haired animals from dead hair). Such a procedure is required for non-shedding dogs, as well as for those whose coat does not react well to a haircut. Plucking axial hair at home is quite difficult, so it is better to trust a specialist.

Brushing dog teeth

Brushing dog teeth. While chewing toys can help cleanse your teeth a little, it’s not enough for complete care. Toothpastes intended for humans are not very suitable for this purpose, because the composition of the tooth enamel, the shape of the teeth, the composition of saliva, the nature of food and digestion in humans and dogs are different. Therefore there are a brushes are also better not to use.

Note! During the cleaning process, you need to constantly hold the dog by the chin so that he does not lick the paste ahead of time. It is better to start with the back teeth, lifting the lips, and move to the front. It is necessary to brush from the gums to the edges of the teeth, and not vice versa and not horizontally.

Products for grooming


For hair care

Let’s start with shampoos. This tool should not only be designed specifically for animals, but also take into account the breed. In addition to the length of the coat itself, it is worth taking into account also:

  • the degree of its softness;
  • skin sensitivity;
  • the presence of an allergy in an animal;
  • dandruff
  • the need to enhance shine.

For grooming your dog coat you may also need:

  • masks for wool nutrition;
  • moisturizing oil;
  • balm for wool;
  • deodorant shampoo;
  • shedding hygiene product;
  • air conditioning;
  • antibacterial and antiparasitic shampoos;
  • spray against mats;
  • means for adding volume to the coat.

When choosing, you must also keep in mind all the features of the coat, the age of the animal and the individual characteristics of the organism.

For a haircut

And here are the hairdressing supplies:

  • Scissors for grooming dogs. Their ends are rounded, so even the most nimble “client” will not get hurt during the procedure. They are straight and curved, thinning and finishing.
  • Tangle cutter. Even daily combing is not enough for especially shaggy individuals, and any vigorous activity ends in tangling of the fur. Therefore, you need to choose the right tangle cutter according to the number of blades, length of teeth and shape.
  • Furminator. Used for the same purposes as a slicker, but more effective. In addition, it does not affect the guard hair and does not irritate the pet. But the furminator is not suitable for everyone. Such an adaptation is not needed for breeds without undercoat and with curly hair.

And, of course, any dog ​​needs brushes: round, triangular, for the body, for the face and paws. It is recommended that you consult with a specialist in advance to find out which combs are right for your pet.

For nail care

Manicure accessories for a four-legged friend include all kinds of claws. Big scissors is recommended for large dogs with thick nails. Small scissors  are more suitable for dogs with thin claws – the safest. This tool is equipped with a stop that will not allow you to cut more than necessary.

It is more convenient to use claws and nippers with rubber grips, since they do not slip in the hand. However, when cutting very hard and dense nails, you have to press hard on the tool and the plastic may not withstand. For such cases, metal is preferable. In conclusion I would recommend to consult with a specialist before grooming dogs at home.

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