French Bulldog

French Bulldog

The French Bulldog is a medium-sized, decorative breed of dog, a typical small-format dog. A powerful dog in a small form, proportionally stocky, with medium legs with prominent muscles, short-haired, with a short but large muzzle and a flat nose, erect ears and a short tail that is naturally irregularly curved. Erect ears, wide at the base and rounded at the top. The protruding arches are separated from each other by a deep groove between the eyes. The groove should not continue on the forehead like in English Bulldogs. Must have a cheerful, intelligent appearance, very muscular, compact and well-boned. French Bulldogs in good condition should weigh at least 8 kg. and no more than 14 kg, the height of the dog must be balanced with the weight.

vneshnij-vid-porody-francuzskij-buldog                                                  Temperament

The type of behavior is balanced, mobile. Dogs are brave, quick-witted, funny and agile, with a strong psyche, they love children, they welcome guests well, but in case of danger they are ready to protect the owner and his family. Can be aggressive towards other dogs and cats, but this depends on the temperament of the individual. The French Bulldog also needs constant human contact. If left alone for more than a few hours, they may experience separation anxiety. This is more common in puppies, but some dogs have a strong need for contact into adulthood. This anxiety can lead to gnawing habits, breaking objects in the room, and problems with toilet training.

The French Bulldog’s temperament unfolds as it matures. As a child, it is a restless and playful puppy, an inexhaustible source of energy. Growing up, the dog becomes lazier and more serious. However, the French Bulldog at any age will never refuse the game offered by the owner.

French Bulldogs are people-oriented and have a good understanding of them. This skill helps in learning and training. They can also perform in team sports (agility, cynological freestyle). French Bulldogs are ranked 109 in Stanley Coren’s. The Intelligence of Dogs. There are certain exceptions to this average canine intelligence; A French bulldog named Princess Jacqueline, who died in 1934, was said to be able to speak 20 words in suitable situations.

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They can have a variety of colors: white-brindle, brindle, white-fawn, (spotted), fawn. All other colors are considered to be so called “breed marriage” and are not recognized by the official canine federations. Although the cream color is very common in the USA, in fact it is also not recognized by the FCI (European Kennel Federation) and RKF breed standards.

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