Doberman Pinscher breed description

Doberman Pinscher is a serious working breed with first-class protective and the ability to act independently in stressful situations. According to the idea of ​​the breeders, the Doberman breed was to become a real service elite. However, the dog is increasingly being adopted as a companion pet in city apartments. And in the breed standard there was a mention of loyalty to children.

What does a Doberman look likeDoberman-Pinscher

The Doberman is a medium-sized dog. With a strong muscular body, harmoniously combining the nobility of posture with the clarity and grace of lines. Moreover, this is an ideal dog with a flawless anatomical structure. It is simply impossible to hide the flaws of the Doberman’s exterior – he is all in plain sight. An ensemble of power, enormous internal energy with external grace and even some sophistication – this is the first general impression of this breed.

A representative of the Doberman breed moves with a free, sweeping step, slightly springs with its hind legs and sweeps forward with its front legs. The front and hind legs move in such a way that the front leg on the right side walks in sync with the back leg on the left.


The main color of Dobermans is black or brown with brownish-red tan. The coat is short, stiff, close to the body, the undercoat not developed.

Doberman character and welding

Doberman-Pinscher-breed-descriptionIn fact, Dobermans have a complex character, which is due to the fact that the selection of dogs during selection carried out taking into account working qualities. The exterior and habits of the Dobermans are aimed at serving. The sense of smell is very developed, so the representatives of this breed work well on the trail. They are very energetic, active, tolerate high physical and informational loads well. Animals with a strong nervous system are balanced, perfectly obey and loyal to the owner, and respond adequately to stimuli. Dobermans are excellent guards, watchmen, bloodhounds and companions. Dobermans with a weak nervous system are cowardly, can be aggressive and dangerous to others. Therefore, it is better to take a puppy in a kennel from parents with a balanced character and a strong nervous system.


Firstly, Dobermans need a spacious room – it is difficult for them to be in a small apartment without long active walks.

Raising an obedient Doberman requires socialization from an early age, constant training and high physical activity.

Secondly, Dobermans are unpretentious in grooming: the short hair of these dogs does not require frequent washing. It is necessary to comb the animal once a week with a special brush and wipe it with a damp towel. For walks in the cold season, recommended to use a jumpsuit.

And thirdly,and most importantly, procedure is also a weekly cleaning of the ears. As well as an examination of the pet’s teeth and oral cavity.

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