Description of the golden retriever breed

Description of the golden retriever breed

The Golden Retriever, or Golden Retriever, is a breed of hunting dogs bred in Great Britain in the 19th century.



The Golden Retriever has a large build, medium length limbs and rounded legs. The head is in proportion to the body, the parietal part is wide. The transition from the forehead to the muzzle is well pronounced. The nose is black. The eyes are dark brown, set wide apart. The neck is massive, the muzzle is proportional, the ears hang down on the sides of the head. The chest is wide. The tail is long, never curled. The coat is straight or wavy, the thick undercoat does not allow water to pass through. The color can be golden, light red, dark red.


The Golden Retriever is a hardy and energetic dog, has a good memory and flair that allows it to work well both on land and on water, where it is able to find knocked out game. Originally, golden retrievers were bred to work on the hunt (game feed). Nowadays, golden retrievers have successfully mastered many other professions. They work at customs, look for drugs and explosives, and take part in rescue operations. A high level of intelligence, physical strength, kindness and courage allow these dogs to serve people in a wide variety of areas.


By nature, golden retrievers are very kind, intelligent, affectionate, playful and calm dogs, rarely bark, and therefore are not suitable as a guard dog. Golden Retrievers do not tend to dominate, they get along well with children. Recently, in many countries, Golden Retrievers, who have undergone special training, have begun to be used as treatment dogs, brightening the life of babies in shelters and boarding schools for children with mental disabilities. Various breeds are used as therapy dogs, but Golden Retrievers, with their unique receptivity, gentle and upbeat nature, are especially suited for this purpose. If there are elderly people or small children in the family, the Golden Retriever can be recommended as a companion .

Despite the fact that a dog can live with one person, and be an assistant for people with disabilities, be a guide dog, nevertheless, this particular type of retriever is focused on family life. Moreover, the size of the family does not matter – small or large, it does not matter for the dog.

They also treat other animals well. They also love to swim.

Due to their appearance and quick-wittedness, Golden Retrievers are a favorite breed of advertising clip-makers and directors.


Training golden retriever

Golden Retrievers are very delicate and intelligent dogs, for which aggressive behavior is not at all typical. You don’t even need to raise your voice on them, so much they want to fulfill any desire of their master. The Golden Retriever breed lends itself well to education and training, as it naturally has a soft and open character. They can be taught a huge number of commands, but remember that the dog perceives cruel methods of communication and rudeness extremely badly. This breaks her character. Maintain kindness, patience, and consistency in your studies.

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