Description of the Beagle breed

The Beagle is a hunting dog breed originated in the UK.

Beagle is a hunting dog

Medium in size, similar in appearance to the Foxhound, but smaller, with shorter legs and longer and softer ears (according to the breed standard, ears should reach the tip of the nose). Height – from 33 to 40 cm at the withers, weight – between 9 and 14 kg, bitches are smaller than males. Their muzzles are square and their nose is wide. The eyes are large, brown or light brown. The lips are moderately pendulous. The nose is wide. The neck is of medium length. The ribcage is wide, tapering towards the wedge-shaped abdomen and waist. The tail is thick, of medium length, set high and carried cheerfully. The tail is well furred, especially towards the end where the hair forms a tassel.

There are two versions of the origin of the name of this breed. One of them is associated with the ability to produce a drawn-out, melodic barking, which is why the French word begueule could lie in the name of the breed, literally – a tinned throat. Another version is associated with the small size of the dog, and remember the Old English word begle, Celtic beag or Old French beigh, which meant “small” and was applied to all hounds, regardless of breed and origin.



Dogs of this breed have a smooth, dense coat, the color is usually black, yellowish brown and white. All colors accepted for hounds are allowed except liver, although tricolor is the most common (white with large black areas and light brown shading). Tricolors are always born black and white. Further, the black color disappears on the hips and gradually fades from tail to withers (some have a completely black coat for a long time). Two-tone variants always have a white base color with areas of a second color (red, its various shades). The tip of the tail is always white.


This breed has a highly developed sense of smell, as proved by John Paul Scott and John Fuller, who began research on dogs in the 1950s. By testing the olfactory abilities of various breeds with mice, they found that the Bigley completed the test in less than a minute, while other breeds took significantly longer. Therefore, beagles are used primarily for hunting rabbits and hares, and are very often used at customs to search for explosives.

Beagle temperament

Beagles are kind, affectionate and cheerful dogs. A born explorer of the unknown, he strives to untie himself and run away, so he needs special control; it is best not to let him off the leash while walking. Beagles are believed to get along well with other pets and people. They are funny dogs who love affection. They prefer company, however, if left alone, they can howl and exhibit destructive behavior. According to one guide for dog owners, Beagles are at the top of the list of the most barking dogs, and are difficult to litter box and do initial training.

beagle breed

It will take a lot of effort and patience to train the beagle, as it is a very stubborn breed (besides, it is very curious, which does not allow the beagle to quickly focus on the owner). Beagles are happy to take long walks, they love to run, they are hunters by nature, while walking they constantly sniff at the footprints, burning with the desire to move on any of them. This activity absorbs their attention so much that they are able to forget about everything. This is why owners who walk these dogs should be very attentive.

The Beagle is an intelligent and loyal companion. He is very clean and therefore does not need frequent bathing. We add that if these dogs are well trained, they communicate excellently with all family members, especially with children. Some individuals of this breed sometimes  show aggressiveness towards strangers or dogs.

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