Dachshund breed history

Dachshund is the oldest breed of burrowing dogs: the origin of this breed is still controversial. The Dachshund dog breed has a very long history – these dogs were depicted on ancient Egyptian papyri more than 2 thousand years ago.


Someone thinks that the horde descended from hounds, the most distant ancestor was a short hound. They inherited a remarkable ability to chase prey with a voice, as well as an excellent instinct and intelligence.

According to some other theories, the ancestors of dachshunds date back to ancient Egypt, where carved images of short-legged hunting dogs were found.

Dachshund breed history

The formation of the modern breed began in the 16th century in southern Germany. The first mentions of dachshunds (then still under the names “crawling after a badger” (German Tachs Kriecher) and “badger warrior” (German Tachs Krieger) found in books written before 1700. There are also earlier mentions of “badger dogs” and “Burrowing dogs”.

Dachshund-breed-historyHowever, they are more of a hunting dog than a specific breed. Its ancestors were short German hounds (German Bracke). From them the dachshund inherited the ability to chase prey with a voice, quick wits and endurance, excellent flair, fearlessness in battle with the enemy and hunting excitement. And what was a disadvantage of a hound dog – a disproportionate ratio of a standard body with short legs – became an advantage for a burrow. , short-legged, so that it could easily penetrate holes and otrorki.Hunting was expensive and prestigious, but keeping a dachshund did not require large expenses. This was another significant plus, for which the breed fell in love with poor burghers and petty nobles.

In the middle of the 17th century, two types are mentioned: bow-legged dogs for underground hunting and coarse-haired low foot hounds.

The Germans become more and more attached to dachshunds, appreciate their energy, hunting zeal and diligence, loyalty, reliability and intelligence.

By the end of the 18th century, the dachshund had practically acquired its modern features. The popularity of dachshunds increased so much.  And in Germany itself,formed a wide network of nurseries . Their owners bred dogs out of personal sympathy. The division into decorative and working specimens began. A breed standard adopted in 1870.

In 2001, the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI) adopted the Dachshund breed standard.

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