Chow Chow. History of the breed

The Chow Chow breed (sometimes called Chao Chao) has an appearance that makes it difficult to confuse it with another dog. Few people know, but recent studies have shown that the Chow Chow is considered one of the most ancient dogs, carrying out DNA analyzes to confirm, these dogs are from Mongolia and northern China, the age of the breed is more than 2000 years. At least, this is evidenced by images on pottery dating from 200-260 BC. Their closest relatives are wolves.


However, to date, it is not possible to establish the exact origin of the breed. It is also believed that these dogs have the blood of the Tibetan Mastiff. In ancient China, the Chow Chow breed was used as guard dogs, as well as for hunting.

There is even a legend according to which one of the Chinese emperors contains a huge flock of 2500 individuals. However, according to the same legend, these dogs were used not for military purposes, but only for hunting, although it will probably be difficult for you and me to imagine what kind of hunting with 2500 dogs it is. But do not think that the Chow Chow’s use was limited only to hunting and guard functions – this breed is thick, lush fur, which was used to decorate clothes. Moreover, their meat was considered a real delicacy.

By the way, in China, the breed had completely different names – bear dog (xiang go), black tongue dog (hei shi-tu), wolf dog (lang go) and canton dog (guangdong go). The breed acquired its present name at the end of the 17th century, when British merchants began to take along with other cargo and dogs, by the way, they called “bear”. For some reason, Chinese cargo (according to other sources – a place for cargo) was called chow-chow, and, at first, this did not specifically concern dogs.

Chow-chow-dog-breed-historyNowadays, this breed is rather decorative, although it can easily cope with its ancient work.

The Chow Chow Dog Club of Great Britain was founded in 1895. It is worth noting that the dogs described by Gilbert White two hundred years ago are practically no different from those of today. And according to a Chinese legend, dogs have a dark blue tongue: when the Gods created the world, they painted the sky blue – thick drops of paint fell from the firmament, and the Chow Chow caught them with his hairy mouth.

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