Chihuahua breed description

Chihuahua is the smallest dog breed, named after the Mexican state of Chiwawa, where it was discovered around 1850.

History of the chihuahua breedhistory-of-the-chihuahua-breed

The history of the development of the chihuahua breed is quite confusing. Nevertheless, from archaeological excavations, it can be assumed that the ancestors of the breed came from pre-Columbian times and are the oldest American breed of dogs.

The most common version assumes that Chihuahuas descended from the Techichi breed, which the Toltecs bred the “indoor” dogs, by crossing with Chinese breeds brought by the conquerors to America.

Probably, in ancient times, the ancestors of these dogs were wild, and during the Toltec civilization they were domesticated.

“Modern” Chihuahuas were discovered in 1850 in old ruins near Casa Grande in the Mexican state of Chiwawa. The state borders on the American Texas, Arizona and New Mexico, from where the modern breed began to spread throughout the world. Since then, Chihuahua has remained one of the most popular indoor dog breeds, especially in the United States, where the breed’s standards were defined by the American Kennel Club in 1904.


long-haired-chihuahuaThere are two varieties of Chihuahuas: smooth-haired and long-haired. Smooth-haired are called “royal miniature”. Long-haired dogs, which are called “sunny dogs”, are distinguished by ears with “tassels” of wool, a “collar” on the neck and medium length hair on the body.

It is a compact dog with a square shape. Bitches have a slightly stretched format. The chair has a characteristic apple-like shape. The muzzle is short, wide at the base, tapering slightly towards the nose. Scissor or straight bite (undesirable). The eyes are large and round, expressive, not very prominent, dark in color. Ears are set, large, wide at the base, slightly tapering and rounded at the ends. The tail is long, raised and carried in the form of a sickle or slightly curved, while the tip of the tail is directed strictly along the spine. All suits and their shades are allowed. Variations of blue, brindle, chocolate colors are considered rare. Weight from 500 g to 3 kg.

Chihuahua’s temperament

Here are the second dwarf breeds, these kids are distinguished by calmness and poise: they will NOT be hysterical about any trifles and DO NOT shake from


 an excess of emotions in a feverish “chill”. Adults seriously behave and a little arrogantly, which does not fit at all with their “pocket” dimensions.

Most individuals have an urgent need to create their own shelter. In particular, Chihuahuas are able to build a den from a sofa blanket or an accidentally forgotten T-shirt in a matter of seconds. Usually the dog arranges a kind of burrow in them, into which it climbs in order to hide from the outside world.

Animals openly dislike strangers.

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