Border Collie

Border Collie is a breed of dog bred on the border of Scotland and England. Hence the name of the breed – border. Belongs to herding breeds, it was originally bred for working with sheep, but later cattle varieties were allocated for grazing cattle. According to research conducted by scientists from the University of British Columbia, the Border Collie is the smartest dog of all breeds.

Border Collie appearanceborder-colie-the-smartest-dog-breed

The Border Collie is a graceful, sturdy and strong medium-sized dog. The head is moderately broad in the skull, without a noticeable occipital protuberance, the muzzle tapers towards the nose. The length of the forehead and muzzle is the same, which is a distinctive feature of the breed.

The coat can be of two types: medium length and short. In any case, a dense undercoat is well developed, well protecting from bad weather. Color may vary, but white should not be dominant.

The eyes are set wide apart, oval in shape, medium in size, brown. The exception is cases with the merle gene, when one or both eyes can be partially or completely blue.

Border Collie’s temperament

border-colie-breed-descriptionThe character is impetuous, energetic, the dog is receptive and understanding, perceptive. Dogs of this breed are very intelligent, but require constant physical and mental stress. In the absence of the necessary loads, they are prone to self-destruction (gnawing paws, eating away hair on the tail) and damage to property (spoiling things, gnawing toys, tearing wallpaper and linoleum). Not a suitable breed for people with no experience in dog training, families with children, people with inactive lifestyles. They are not a companion dog, require a lot of attention, constant learning of new skills, not suitable for open-air or outdoor keeping.

The Border Collie’s original designation, sheep grazing, required the selection of dogs with exceptional intelligence, analytical thinking, physical stamina, and functional anatomy. To this day, they remain indispensable helpers to shepherds around the world.

Also, the Border Collie is the most popular and successful breed in disciplines such as agility, obedience, frisbee, flyball, freestyle (dancing with dogs), etc.

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