Auto feeder for dogs. Types of auto feeders

Every year there are more and more advanced pet accessories, one of the most popular being auto feeder. One of these is a dog carrier that allows you to feed the animal while the owner is not at home.

Varieties of auto feeders.


It should be said that in pet stores you can find various models of auto feeders, each of which will satisfy the interests of the pet and its owner as much as possible. When choosing, take into account the size of the animal, the size of the portion and the amount of time that the dog will spend alone. If we talk about the main categories, then we can name the following:

  • Auto feeder programmable;

This solution will be the most functional and easiest for the animal owner. But it will also have a high price tag. Such an electrical installation will allow you to program the time of feed dispensing, the volume of one portion, and also calculate the food supply for a couple of days.


  • With built-in timer and segments;

Such a timer device looks like a large bowl with a lid, but it is small in size. The interior is divided into several compartments, where each of them is a place for one portion of food. The cover has a cut-out that is equal to the segment. After a certain time interval set by the owner, the lid rotates and makes a new compartment with food available to the dog.

Most often, models are equipped with 4-6 compartments, although there may be more. Here, moist food is stored better, but only in cases where the owner of the dog is absent for no more than 24 hours.

  • Auto feeder with a hinged lid;1463688437_pf2-19.jpg

In fact, this is a container with food, equipped with a lid, where there is a built-in timer. When the timer goes off, the lid simply opens, allowing the dog to feast on the contents of the container. Note that this solution is suitable for both wet and dry food.

  • Auto feeder special mission with a capacity.

unnamed.jpgIn essence, it is a continuous type electronic food delivery system. This design looks like a food container located above a bowl. When the pet has eaten a little, more food is poured from the container. The process continues until the supply of food in the reservoir above the bowl is exhausted. The size of such a container may not be very large, which is suitable for a small dog or cat. And maybe much more, which will be relevant for large dogs.

This solution can be safely called the most economical, because it is not equipped with any automatic mechanisms. This makes it safe to use it outdoors. This auto feeder is intended exclusively for dry food.
But if your pet does not know the measure of food, then such a feeder will not work for him due to the fact that there is a risk of overeating.


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